Falling Off the Wagon

I stumbled, I fell, and I picked myself right up again.

I haven't told anyone this until now, but it's true: I didn't do my P90X workout yesterday.  I'm sorry!  It was supposed to be the Chest and Back workout, but I had pulled my teres major muscle the day before, and I was in too much pain to do any of the exercises.  The kicker?  I didn't even hurt myself doing one of the intense resistance workouts.  I pulled it on my stretch day.  That's right: I injured myself by stretching too far.  What the heck is wrong with me?

Luckily for me, my back no longer hurt today, so I was back at it with Plyometrics, this time with Sunny at my side.  I liked having a workout buddy, but when she left, she said something along the lines of, "I'm never doing P90X again!"  Guess I'll just have to find someone else who wants to torture his or her body with me.

EDIT: I just read Sunny's latest blog post.  Sounds like she had a great time!

Decoration Day

Today, I honored the fallen soldiers of our great nation the way they would have wanted: by celebrating my freedom with boating, steaks, and ice cream (not necessarily in that order).

Timmy's parents own a condo at Smith Mountain Lake, so Katen and I joined him for a relaxing day on the water with his family.  We started the morning off with some waterskiing, which was just another opportunity for Timmy to prove that he's better than everyone else at all athletic endeavors.  We took Titan out in the boat with us, and as you can tell, he enjoyed keeping a close eye on Uncle Timmy.

In the afternoon, we took the boat out to Bridgewater Plaza, where we strolled around the shops and tried (unsuccessfully) to cool off in the shade.  The entire area was crowded out the wazoo, and Titan was freaking out because the waves kept rocking the boat on the way there, but it was totally worth the trip.  I really like this photo I got of Mango's Bar and Grill from the second floor:

We spent the rest of the evening lounging around the condo, playing in the water, and feasting on an inordinately large dinner despite having snacked throughout the entire day.  In other words, living the American dream.  All too soon, it was time for us to head home, but before we did, we all decorated stones to keep at the condo as a record of our visit, including Titan.

We're finally home now, and I'm totally exhausted from what was probably the best Memorial Day I have ever had.  Now, if only I could get tomorrow off to recover...

Sunday Surprise

You know how you feel when you run into someone you totally didn't expect to be there?

I walked into church this morning, took a bulletin from the deacon, stepped into the sanctuary, and was greeted with a "Hello."  I reflexively responded, "Hi, how are you?" but it took me several seconds before I realized that I was talking to Will, one of my best friends from college.  He and Erin were in town, and they had fortuitously decided to come to the service at University Baptist Church this morning.  Needless to say, I was ecstatic to see them, sit next to them during the service, and perhaps most importantly, catch up with them over brunch courtesy of Erin's parents.

Fun fact: Before I came to medical school, Will was the person with whom I had the most pictures on Facebook.  And it's not too surprising, because we went on four tours together: three with Jubilate and one with University Singers.

Jubilate Spring Tour 2007 to Orlando, FL.  Don't worry, we haven't matured much since then.

Of course, that record has long been shattered.  My interest in photography has become an obsession with documenting everything that happens in my life, and as a result, the new title holder is Nosheen, with whom I share a staggering 330 pictures.  Hey, we can't help it that we look so good together.

Time Stand Still

And with the blink of an eye, I'm already done with two of my fourth year rotations.  Where has the time gone??  This is supposed to be the best year of my life, so I really need for it to last as long as possible.

I wouldn't have expected to say this, but I'm going to miss my Rheumatology selective.  I learned a surprising amount of medicine, and since the only procedure they do is joint injections, I'm much better at those as well.  Probably the most important thing I learned during the rotation though was that Pediatrics was the right choice for me.  Adult patients just... how can I put this delicately... complain too much.  Hm, that wasn't very delicate, but it's definitely true.  And let's just say that there is no future for me, no way, no how, in pain management.  Hats off to the doctors who deal with that on a daily basis.

Okay, now seriously, can we figure out a way to make this long weekend last at least five more days?

Craigslist Killer

I'm sore.  I want a massage.  I don't want to ask Titan because how can you trust a masseur who doesn't trim his own dewclaws?  Solution: the Charlottesville craigslist.

Just a few clicks brought me to this posting:

I am a student practitioner looking to do some body work for some extra practice. I will come to you so you can have the comfort of your own home. Please contact me for further details and to schedule your appointment. I look forward to talking to you.

But how do I know if I can trust this anonymous "student practitioner"?  How do I know this person isn't an ax murderer seeking out his or her next victim?

Obviously I punted the question straight to Matt, who has been doing a lot of research on serial killers as of late.  He says it's for his Psychiatry for Non-Psychiatrists selective, but I have my doubts.  Anyway, here's what he had to offer:

My assessment is serial killer.

At no point does this person even allude to massage. "Body Work" -- what are you, a car. The only body work that will be done if you call this person back is the kind you see in the cadaver lab. Notice how they said "I look forward to talking to you." Not with you, to you. You will not be talking because you will have a sock stuffed down to your lower esophageal sphincter. And what do they mean "Student Practitioner?" Clearly they are practicing murder on students. That's the worst part of all of this. They aren't even good at it yet. They are gonna botch the entire thing and you'll just be stuck there, sock in mouth, unable to do anything about it. You won't even be able to give them pointers because you won't have fingers left to point with. But you know what is most ominous about this e-mail... who is that grammatically correct?

But I dunno, maybe you should roll the dice?

The man makes some good points, but it doesn't change the fact that I'm sore, so I'll probably just have to contact the masseur/killer and find out for myself.

Traffic Jam

You wouldn't think that Sam's Club and Walmart would be crowded at 11am because, you know, isn't everybody usually at work at that time?  Yes, but not retired grandmothers.  I think every woman over the age of 70 was running errands at the same time I was.

And do you know what women over the age of 70 use when they shop?  Checkbooks.  Yes, I know, I didn't know they still existed either.  But they do.  And there is a direct relationship between a person's age and the likelihood with which they regularly write checks.  Unfortunately, there is also an inverse relationship between a person's age and the speed at which they write, which may explain why I spent over 30 minutes waiting at the Sam's Club cash register.  Seriously.

At least I got some much-needed groceries.  And by groceries I mean $90 worth of Chex Mix, peanut butter filled pretzels, mixed nuts, pita chips, trail mix, and so on.  What?  Exercising makes me hungry!  You know, like grossing-my-friends-out-by-eating-six-plates-at-Newcomb-for-dinner-while-I-was-in-college hungry.  I even had to get out of bed at 2am last night just to eat a snack!  Just... can't... stay... away... from the chocolate chip cookies...

I'm Going to Regret This

Plyometrics is no joke.  You know how sometimes you exercise so hard that you feel like you're going to vomit?  That was me, twenty minutes into the workout tonight.  Excuse me while I pass out and die.

Day 1 of 90

Today is the first day of the next thirteen weeks.  My P90X DVD set arrived in the mail today, and I'll be spending all summer getting into shape.  HOOS excited?

The one complaint I have so far isn't with the fitness program, it's with my house that was built before Women's suffrage was achieved in the United States.  As with many old houses, the door trim is too wide for any conventional pull-up bar.  As a result, I had to purchase a set of resistance bands with a door anchor so that I can do the pull-up exercises.

I actually like this setup a lot, although I don't like using the resistance bands in place of the exercises with free weights.  Sometimes they slip, and they don't always give me the same range of motion I would have otherwise.

So I'm pretty stoked about finally doing the P90X series, although I know my results aren't going to be as ideal as the program promises.  Why?  Because I refuse to follow their strict diet.  I'm sorry, but those chocolate chip cookies aren't going to eat themselves.

Finally, I need you to know what your role in all of this is.  Every single day, I want you to ask me if I've done my P90X workout yet.  If I say no, ask me again in an hour.  And then again and again and again until you're sure that I've actually done it.  DO NOT LET ME CHEAT.  Thank you for your cooperation.

Pomp and Circumstance

The Medical School Degree Ceremony: such an elegant affair!  And my small role in that elegant affair was to work with Richie to make sure that nobody fell as they walked down the awkwardly designed stairs after receiving their diploma.  Not a very glamorous job, but completely necessary for some of the girls who were wearing heels so pointy they could be used to start a central venous catheter.

There was a wide variety of emotions as the graduates exited the stage: some laughed, some wept, and some turned the wrong way and had to be redirected back to their seats.  But whatever their mental state, they are finally doctors, and I finally feel like a real fourth year.  Hard to imagine that in just one year it'll be SMD12 parading around in our caps and gowns.  We're almost there!!

Doomsday Delayed?

Well, it's 9pm, and still no signs of Harold Camping's prophecy of Judgment Day coming true.  Life as we know it continues to go on.  And thank God for it, because there are still so many restaurants in Charlottesville that I haven't tried!

I can cross one of them off the list, though.  For lunch today, I went to The Downtown Hotdog Company, the self-proclaimed first gourmet hot dog place in Charlottesville.  I ordered a Texas, which included golden BBQ sauce, chili, and bacon, and then added Texas Pete for a little kick of spice.  2BQH (To be quite honest), $5 is a lot to pay for a hot dog, but it was pretty friggin' delicious.

I came across an article about American Idol this evening that reminded me of the first two seasons, the only seasons of the show that I watched.  Do you guys remember Tamyra Gray?  She was probably my favorite contestant from Season 1, and I still can't believe Nikki McKibbin beat her out of the top three.  I'm serious, she was so good!  I dare you to watch this video and not get goosebumps:

Call for Help

I didn't have to work today (have I mentioned how much I love fourth year yet??), but instead of filling my day with studying, I have done nothing productive.  Not that I've had much time; I didn't even get out of bed until 12:30.

Then again, maybe I'm being too hard on myself.  I did complete most of my biosketch this afternoon, which is supposed to be a compilation of all of our accomplishments since we started college.  It's not a very fun read, but our dean needs it to write his Medical School Performance Evaluation.

So the only part I haven't finished is the box where I have to list five adjectives to describe myself.  If you have any suggestions, please send them my way.  Here are some adjectives that Matt and Cameron have proposed (and that I have subsequently rejected):

- Asian
- hypomanic
- skinny
- yellow
- douchian (something tells me this isn't a real word)
- squinty eyes
- anime
- a fatty
- rice (the last four aren't even adjectives!)

While some of those may be true, I can't really use any of them on a professional document.  Hopefully you can help me come up with some that I can.  I would be forever obliged, kthxbai!

Mischief Managed

It wasn't until Timmy and I were leaving for Trivia Night at Mellow Mushroom (don't judge me) that I realized that Titan hadn't been upstairs with him.  In fact, Titan wasn't even in the house.  I had left the front door open since the weather was so beautiful, and at some point during the evening, Titan must have escaped.

Well, I'm glad to let you know that Richie and I found Titan.  Of course, I had already shelled out $15 for color copies of his missing poster.  Thanks to the fact that he's the most photographed dog in America, I had plenty of pictures to choose from.

Sorry, the interwebz are not quite ready for my cell phone number.

The story:

Richie was driving me around while I taped copies of Titan's missing poster up and down JPA.  Then my phone rang, and although I didn't recognize the number, I answered hoping for good news.  The caller was Officer Pleasant, who told me that Titan had been spotted near 1800 JPA.  Richie and I rushed to the apartment complex, saw Titan roaming around aimlessly, pulled over, and threw open the doors.  Titan jumped into the car, wagging his tail as if nothing had happened.

I called Officer Pleasant back to thank him and to ask him how he got my number.  Apparently, he had received a call earlier in the evening from some guy that Titan had been chasing on Valley Road.  By the time Officer Pleasant arrived on the scene, both Titan and the distressed caller were gone.  He then happened to come across one of my neighbors and when he described the dog that he was looking for, the neighbor informed him that it was probably my dog and showed him where I lived.  Officer Pleasant took note of one of the cars in the driveway (it happened to be mine), ran a search on the license plate, found my name, cross-referenced it with the Student Directory, and wrote down the cell phone number.  Then, when he got a call tonight saying that a stray dog had been seen walking around 1800 JPA, he gave my cell phone a call and told me exactly where my dog was located.

Now that's good detective work!  Thank you, Officer Pleasant, for going above and beyond the call of duty!

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

The good news is that I get the afternoon off.

The bad news is that I had to sit through Rheumatology didactic lectures this morning to earn it.  Not that Rheumatology itself is boring per se, but when our third speaker introduced her topic on the role of the ID3 gene and auto-antibodies in the pathogenesis of atherosclerosis, I knew there was little hope for me to stay awake for another hour.

The ugly news is that before I started nodding off, I heard her mention that atherosclerosis is being diagnosed in children at an alarming rate due to the obesity epidemic.  But I chose to go into Pediatrics so I could avoid dealing with hypertension and dyslipidemia!

Now allow me to close on a positive remark: I came home to find my room just as I left it and Titan sleeping peacefully on his bed.  What a good boy!

When It Rains, It Pours

As you may remember from before, Titan is deathly afraid of thunderstorms.  I should have known when I left for work this morning that he had reached his breaking point.  It's been raining off and on for the past week, and the forecast for today called for flash floods.  Well, the weatherman did not disappoint.  Every time I looked out of the window of the Rheumatology clinic, my heart sank a little deeper into my stomach.  Yet nothing could prepare me for the sight I came home to see.

This is the floor of my usually spotless bedroom.  Titan had freaked out during the day-long downpour and broken into my closet, tearing apart everything he could see.  Fortunately, both of my guitars escaped unscathed, but he managed to find a box of my favorite photographs and broke eight of the 20 picture frames.  He also tore apart several bags, including one with an unopened bottle of conditioner in it.  By the time I got home, all of my belongings were covered with a layer of oily moisturizer.

The first thing I did was let Titan go outside to go potty, but he was so terrified of the thunderstorm that he wouldn't go.  Then I spent an entire hour to cleaning up my bedroom, and of course Titan just watched with a quizzical look on his face while I picked up the shredded cardboard and swept up the broken glass.  Then he disappeared to go downstairs and pooped in the basement.  WHY, TITAN, WHY??

On a completely different (and hunger-inducing) note, my good friend Sunny has started a food blog, Umami Bomb.  I see that she rejected my suggestions of calling it Hot Umami Mommy or Umami Tsunami (too soon?), but you should still go check it out!

Safety First

I just got back from a run with Titan and I really want to take a shower, but there's lightning and thunder outside.  I'm pretty sure I learned once when I was a kid that you're not supposed to get into the bathtub with running water during a thunderstorm.  You win this time, Mother Nature...

And now, for the lulz:

Music Is My Aeroplane

It's been a few months since I've arranged any songs for a cappella.  Apparently it's one of those skills that go away if you don't use them frequently, because it took me two whole afternoons to churn out Bruno Mars' Just the Way You Are.  Not because the song is hard: it only contains three chords (Fmaj, Dmin, Bbmaj9, and then back to Fmaj).  The problem was making the same chord progression which repeats 12 times sound interesting and different each time.

Well, I don't believe in the impossible, so here's a sneak peek at the first page of my arrangement.  I struggled a lot with getting the depth of sound I wanted.  The best solution I came up with was to give each section different syllables to sing.  Hopefully the multiple layers of vowel sounds will give the song a fuller, rounder sound.

If I could have it all my way, I would have tried to make a mash-up of this song and Billy Joel's Just the Way You Are.  Alas, I am still a medical student after all, which means it is time for me to hit the books.  Or is it the hay?  I always get those two confused...

Friday, Friday, Gotta Get Nomz on Friday

It has been far too long.  Third year clerkships have significantly impaired the number of late night trips I've made to the White Spot.  But it is fourth year, and all is right in the world, so the time has come for me to resume my visits to this fine culinary establishment.  Starting last night.  Quote of the night goes to Dmitri, who watched as I devoured a Grills With, ran up to Courtney, and greeted her with a mouth full of Qdoba chips.  He then said of me: "Ah, he is always so happy when he is in here."  So true, so true.

Thanks to Lee for this... uh... flattering picture of me.  Forget head shots, I'm totally using this photo for my residency applications.  Sammas, the good doctor of Gus burgers.  It has a nice ring to it, don't you think?

Filling the Void

So I finished this season of Fringe.  I've seen every episode of V.  I'm caught up on Modern Family.  I haven't missed a single contestant on The Voice.  What other show can I waste my time watching!?

Welp, thanks to Nick and Cameron, I'm now addicted to Game of Thrones, a fantasy series on HBO based on the book series A Song of Ice and Fire.  White Walkers?  Direwolves??  Dragon eggs???  Sean Bean from Lord of the Rings playing the main character????  I'm about to pass out from excitement.

Sometimes, I feel bad about how much time I spend on silly TV shows.  But then Christin tells me about her latest guilty pleasure, Pregnant in Heels, and I take comfort in the fact that I'm not alone.  I will never be alone.  Thank you, Christin.

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

The proctors at my Step 2 CS exam session made it pretty clear that National Board of Medical Examiners religiously troll the interwebz for any mention of the content of the test and subsequently send Dementors to torment anybody who offends their privacy policy.  Well, maybe not in those words exactly, but in any case, I will skip right to 4pm yesterday, when I met up with Nick back at his fraternity.

I actually feel kind of guilty, but I distracted Nick from his studying for the Step 1 exam to take me on a walking tour of Philadelphia.  We explored his beautiful neighborhood and the area around Independence Hall, and before we knew it, we were both starving.  Luckily, we were just a few blocks away from the famous Reading Terminal Market, where we stopped to eat the largest cornbeef sandwiches I've ever seen in my entire life.  Seriously, each sandwich had over a half-pound of meat on it!  I would have taken a picture, but we both devoured our meals before I even got the chance.

It was nearing time for me to hit the long road back to Charlottesville, but before I left, I had one last place to visit in Philly: Chinatown.  ZOMG, a glimpse of the motherland!

We quickly made our way to the nearest grocery store, where I purchased some critical Asian snacks like mango gummy candies and salted dry olives.  Even more importantly, I got dou fu ru (fermented bean curd) and hua sheng mian jin (wheat gluten fried in peanut oil) for when I make rice porridge.

太好了!  \(^_^)/

Frat Star

Since I'm staying in Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love, it only makes sense that I'm spending the night in a fraternity house.  Wait, what??  No it doesn't; this is the most absurd thing in the world.

And yet it is true.  I'm crashing in my friend Nick's room at Phi Alpha Sigma, one of the medical fraternities at Jefferson Medical College.  It's exactly as I expected it to be: mansion in size, giant kitchen in the basement, multiple TV and game rooms, and of course weird bedrooms with loft designs.

To add to the strangeness of my situation, Nick is actually at home in Delaware for the weekend, so I'm here by myself with about 20 of his frat brothers... none of whom I've ever met before today.  WHY IS MY LIFE SO AWKWARD!?

City of "Motherly" Love

A good son would drive home to spend Mother's Day with the woman who gave birth to him and raised him.  A medical student would drive to Philadelphia to take the USMLE Step 2 Clinical Skills Exam on Monday.  Guess which one I am.

For those of you that don't know, Step 2 CS is a test in which you perform 10-12 patient encounters with Standardized Patients.  You are then graded on your ability to gather data, write a patient note, communicate with the patient, and speak English.  I'm not kidding, one of the components is actually the Spoken English Proficiency score.

To prepare for the test, I flipped through the First Aid for USMLE Step 2 CS book this weekend.  I'm glad I did, because I actually learned a few things.  For example: did you know that the test is Pass/Fail?  I had no idea!  They actually refuse to release your results to you or any of the residency programs you apply to.  So basically, I'm being forced to drive five hours each way to the closest testing center in Philadelphia in order to take an eight-hour test that costs $1000 only to never learn my score.

Can someone please remind me why I chose to go into medicine?

Two Worlds. One Hero.

And the summer blockbuster season has begun.  I just got back from seeing Thor, which is as great of a movie as everyone kept saying it would be.  Just to be clear, though, I thought it was a great movie, but not a great superhero movie.  A great superhero movie would have had a few more fight scenes and explosions.  ZOMG, why do I sound like Michael Bay??

My favorite line from the whole movie: Don't mistake my appetite for apathy.  Yep, totally stealing that one for myself.

Nature Calls

I always knew that the squirrels on Grounds were brave, but today I met a squirrel that was downright belligerent.  There I was, enjoying my lunch outside on a beautiful day with some of my friends.  A cute squirrel approaches, begging for food with his innocent, round eyes.  "You should try feeding him something," Jim suggests.  I take a green bean out of my lunch and dangle it over the squirrel's head, shaking it to and fro to get his attention.

I wait for the squirrel to come closer, expecting him to nibble at the green bean.  Instead, he jumps a foot into the air, grabs onto my hand, and scratches it with his tiny claws as he clambers back down.  I yell and drop the green bean.  Then the ungrateful jerk has the audacity to leave my gift on the ground and run away!

Rabid squirrel, you will rue this day...

Scaredy Cat

For being a 65lb dog, there sure are a lot of things that Titan is afraid of.

1. Brooms.  What could be scarier than getting rid of all of the hair Titan sheds and all of the dirt he tracks in?  Well, at least my house isn't carpeted; I don't even want to know what he would do around a vacuum cleaner.

2. Bicycles.  ZOMG, so scary!  The worst is when Timmy leaves his bike in the living room.  Titan has to tip-toe around it every time he walks between my bedroom and the kitchen.

3. Thunderstorms.  I don't know why; it's not like he hasn't lived through dozens unscathed.  His newest trick is to run into the bathroom and shut the door behind him.  I guess he's well-prepared in the case of a tornado.

4. Fireplace guards.  This one kind of makes sense; I used to keep Titan's food and water bowels next to our fireplace, and I think one time when he was eating furiously (what other way is there to eat?) he bumped into the guard and it fell on him.  Now he has fireplace guard PTSD.

5. Linear algebra.  What could be more frightening than vector spaces represented by matrices!?  Wait, maybe I'm just projecting my own fears onto my dog...

What Is the Difference Between Osama bin Laden and a Wahoo?

A Wahoo knows how to survive Foxfields weekend.

That was our team name for Trivia Night at McGrady's, with special thanks to Christin and Matt for the inspiration.  While we didn't take home the top prize, our team was awarded second place.  Then the quiz master realized that he'd made a scoring mistake, and we had actually come in third place.  Luckily for us, he felt bad and sent a pitcher of beer to our table as consolation.

Hey, I'm not above taking pity prizes.


Maybe I've frequented one too many banquets, maybe I consumed one too many pieces of chicken at Foxfields, or maybe I ate one too many slices of pizza at Mellow Mushroom tonight.  Whatever the reason, I NOTICED A POOCH IN MY BELLY TODAY.  Alert the presses: Sammas is getting fat!  I'm not sure whether to rejoice in the fact that I've finally overcome my inability to gain weight or whether to immediately go run five miles.

Solution: bedtime.

A "Saturday" Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte

April 30, 2011: a day that will live in infamy.  Ranked chronologically, it was Foxfields #5 for me, but ranked in terms of perfection, it was probably Foxfields #1.  It was one of those days that literally cannot be put into words, but I will do my best to capture its essence here.

I've had every single Foxfields experience possible: first year, I was the designated driver; third year, I took the free shuttle; fourth year, I biked; M1, I rode in the plot car; and M3, I took the Trustees charter bus.  I can't say which one was my favorite, but I can tell you I would throw myself in front of the racehorses before I ever DD'ed again.

But that is neither here nor there.  The day began with a visit to the Trustees tent in the chalet (not chateau) area.  The food and drinks were bountiful and free, setting the perfect tone for the rest of the day.  To nobody's surprise, Nosheen and I immediately launched into a barrage of Samsheen photos.  How could we let such a beautiful day go to waste??

We eventually made our way over to the VMed plot where, according to all of my pictures, I spent the rest of my day eating chicken fingers.  Seriously, I'm pretty sure chicken is prominently displayed in over 80% of the photos I took yesterday.  I also made the astonishing discovery that not only was Kathryn's plot the one next to ours, but Allen had purchased the plot next to hers, so I literally had four plots in a row to meander through.  That kept me busy for pretty much the rest of the afternoon, but I knew that someone as dashing as myself had to take breaks every now and then to be admired by his adoring fans.

Only a small period of time lapsed before Nosheen and I reverted to taking more Samsheen portraits, going so far as even to recreate some of our classics from two years ago.  So what if we've memorized every picture we've taken together?  Is that really such a crime??

Alas, the day went by all too fast, and before we knew it, the races were over and it was time to head home.  To our great dismay, Jen, Cassandra, and I watched as our bus pulled away, leaving us stranded at Foxfields.  We shamefully walked our way back from the bus lot to the VMed plot, where we were picked up by a truck full of M4s.  The trip home was largely uneventful until we arrived home and I realized that the bow tie that had been hanging loosely around my neck was no longer there.  With support from Cassandra, I resolved to retrace our drive and walk along Barracks Road until I found the bow tie.  The gods of the Foxfield Races must have been smiling down on me yesterday, because I miraculously located the High Cotton Tie I had borrowed from Cameron on the side of the road near the Georgetown Road intersection.

The long labors of the day had worn me out, and the old man inside of me surfaced and insisted that I crawl into bed immediately upon making it home.  And so, I slept from 8pm until 8am, the twelve most glorious hours of slumber I've had in recent memory.  I dreamed a beautiful Jason-Bourne-and-Sister-Act hybrid dream about being a fugitive from the CIA disguised as a priest, but even the sweetest reverie cannot compare to the flawless day I had just experienced in real life.  Thank you, Foxfields.  Same time next year?