Back in the 804

...and it's good to be back. I walked into the kitchen and there was an endless amount of shrimp friend rice, broccoli, and green beans waiting for me. Nothing says "home" like a healthy dose of Mom's cooking.

Speaking of Mom, I think she was a little bit offended when I told her that I almost put off coming home for another day because it was so hard for me to leave Titan behind. It's not like I said that I loved him more than I loved my parents... I only implied it. Anyway, I know Titan is in good hands. Nick is in charge of feeding him and letting him out, and I have assigned each day of the week to a different friend to exercise him. Titan's probably not even going to remember me when I come back in seven weeks... [sniffle]

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Tina aka Your Mommy said...

how long are you home? we should do something this weekend.