San Marcos

I can't believe that I have less than a week left in Guatemala!  Since this was my last weekend, I met up with the rest of the UVA group in Pana yesterday evening to throw down American-style.  We spent most of the night at La Terreza, where there happened to be a DJ.  As usual, we were the only group dancing while the Guatemalans watched us from the safety of their tables.  It didn't bother us at all, though, because we basically requested all of our favorite songs, and since nobody else was on the dance floor, the DJ played everything we asked of him.  Great win!

We stayed at Mario's Rooms last night, which was a great deal: Q95 (about $13) for dinner, a three-person room with a private bath, and breakfast.  To top it all off, I got to relax in the hammock this morning while checking my e-mail on their Wi-Fi network.  Now that is the life.

We spent the majority of the day in San Marcos, a particularly hippie town on the lake.  Fortunately, these are the clean hippies that are into yoga and holistic healing, not the dirty hippies that you find in San Pedro.  We had originally planned to go horseback riding, but all of the horses had been booked for the day, so we ended up hanging out next to the water.  The water near San Marcos is a lot cleaner than the water elsewhere on the lake, so we were even able to go swimming and diving off of a giant platform.  You know me: I love jumping off of high cliffs into the water!

Our road back was a particularly harrowing one.  The waves were choppier than usual, and I thought our lancha was going to capsize every 30 seconds.  Luckily it never did, but we were all drenched by the time we got to Santiago.  That made for a pretty cold pickup ride back to San Lucas, but at least I'm here and not swimming for shore from the middle of the lake.  I think that makes this a pretty successful weekend, don't you?

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