Blast, I've Been Foiled!

Hoping to repeat our success from last night, Nosheen, Neil, and I tried to persuade our friends to join us again for Trivia Night at Mellow Mushroom.  We showed up at 7:30 to make sure we could get a table before the event actually began at 9:00, but we were sadly told that the list was far too long and we had no chance to be seated.  CURSES!!

We ended up walking to The Backyard instead so Neil could get some food.  While he was ordering, Nosheen and I looked up alternatives to Mellow Mushroom for trivia in Charlottesville.  Unfortunately, everything we found, like McGrady's, Fellini's, and Wild Wings Cafe, offered trivia on Tuesday.

Nosheen: There has to be someplace other than Mellow Mushroom that does trivia on Wednesdays.
Neil: Does Maarten's do trivia?
Sam: I think College Inn used to...
Nosheen: What about Durty Nelly's?  They have to have trivia.
Sam: [looks up Durty Nelly's on Neil's iPhone]  Look!  The website says that they have trivia every Wednesday at 8pm!  [glances at watch]  That gives us exactly eight minutes to make it there in time!

At this point, Neil had already ordered, so we called his waitress over and asked her to put his dinner in a to-go box while we chugged the pitcher of beer that had just been brought to us.  We immediately called and texted everyone to meet us at the restaurant as soon as possible.  Richie and his friend Jenny picked us up from The Backyard and drove us to Durty Nelly's, and we arrived not a minute too soon at 8:02pm.  I ran to the door and barged in, hoping we hadn't missed the first question.  I looked around frantically, only to find seven people sitting at the bar.

Confused, we all stared at each other.  Nosheen walked to the game room in the back and peered around, but there was nobody there, either.  We began to wonder if Trivia Night was still taking place.  Before I asked the bartender, I decided to check Neil's phone again.  And that's when we noticed that the restaurant we had found online spelled their name "Durty Nellie's," which is NOT the same as "Durty Nelly's."  Suddenly it was all clear: we were five people in a seedy local bar where there was going to be, in fact, no trivia that night.  In order to do trivia at Durty Nellie's, we would actually have to drive the 800 or so miles to Palatine, IL.

I embarrassingly had to text all of our friends, "Big mistake.  It was all a misunderstanding.  We are going to Richie's instead."  And then we ran away, as fast as we could.  Well, except for when we stopped to take this photograph to document the moment on my camera:

Ah well, we'll have to defend our title another day.  And hopefully that day will not involve me storming into a bar, standing around for five minutes looking confused, collapsing to the ground in a fit of laughter, and fleeing the scene while cackling with glee.

Until that day comes, enjoy some Charlie Sheen Quotes As New Yorker Cartoons.  Psst... #4 is my favorite.

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