Mmmwhatchasayyy, Part 2

Nosheen:  I got a text from ***** the other day that said "LULZ," and I was like, I'm pretty sure I haven't said this to you before.  IT'S SPREADING EVEN WITHOUT OUR TRYING.
Me:  It's because I'm using telekenesis.  Teh-lul-kenesis!?

Me:  I won't be here in February; I'm at home for my Family Medicine rotation.
Dave:  That will be nice.  Is that in the Orient?

Kathryn:  I danced my face off and a giant guy fell on me and now my knee is swollen.  I also have no voice.  All signs of a good time.

And now, I'd like to take a moment to commend whoever arranged this kick-ass version of "You Don't Own Me" from last season's The Sing Off.  Also, who knew that Nicole Scherzinger could actually sing?  Color me shocked!

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Christin said...

You know that the curly haired dude from the beelzebubs and i are facebook friends right?

long story. but youtube "lights" by All Out and you'll find 98% of the answers.