Feverish Ramblings

Hello Sam's World,

Kathryn here. I am the other guest blogger for the week and I'm already 4 days behind. Ask anyone--I tend to run on my own schedule, however, I refuse to allow my tardy tendencies to ruin my commitment to my one and only Sammas. I guess I'll sum up the life lessons I have learnt from the past few days:

12/26: Leftover Christmas Cookies May Require Rehab. We all experience that rush of excitement over a plate of fresh baked cookies at Christmas time. The warmth, the melty chocolate or toasty nuts, the crispy outsides and chewy center. So much delicious. But when indulgence turns to dependence, that's when a recreational cookie eater becomes hooked on sugar sustenance for survival. Take me on Sunday. Working a double for which breaks do not necessarily occur. Giant plate of leftover Christmas cookies lying in wait, no longer needed to bring good tidings of great joy, just waiting for malnourished servers to indulge in their tastiness and fall into their sugary grasp. Thus it began: the pangs of hunger, the moment of seduction, the consumption, the rush, the sweet revenge on your sugar ravaged stomach. The level of my sugar dependence became so strong I began to madly revel in the pain, knowing that the i had fulfilled my need for the high, and that its ensuing low would lead to another chance for a chocolate bourbon ball.

12/27: Michigan Produces Wine That Doesn't Make You Want to Cry: After a day of moving stuff into my new place, my Mom and I decided to dine at Bang! for dinner. Always a solid choice (you must try the seared shrimp with cilantro pesto & cherry tomoatoes-yum!) we ate lots of delicious food and also decided to order a half bottle of bubbly. A Blanc de Noir caught our eye (that means that the wine is 100% Pinot Noir though it is a white colored sparkling hence the translation "White of Black"). It was tasty, toasty and dry, perfect with the tapas. BACKGROUND: I'm a wine nerd. As we were getting ready to leave I checked the bottle to see where it was from. And it said Michigan. I had heard that they were making wine up there in the near frozen tundra of the tip top of the state but had never tried it--and I liked it! L. Mawby is the producer...it's not the best I've ever had but if you want to try something new from our good old US or A I recommend!

12/28: Vomiting is Probably the Worst Feeling Ever: Basically it had been years since, and I hope it never happens again.

12/29: I Don't Know If I Should Blog With a High Fever: But I did. Hopefully I didn't sound too crazy, though Sam would probably argue that it'd be nothing unusual.

Till Tomorrow Kittens!

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