(P)eau d'Orange

My high school friends took gifting very seriously. I don't really know why, but I remember birthdays and Christmas being a really big thing for us. Every year, I would spend over $400 on Christmas presents for my closest friends. In retrospect, it was kind of ridiculous, but then again, someone's gotta keep this "economy" thing afloat.

One of the gifts that I still use today was from my friend Ben. One Christmas, he gave me Royall Manderin Eau de Cologne. I'm pretty sure it was regifted, mostly because when he gave it to me, he said in his typical Ben manner, "Uhh, I don't really know what this is... I think it's like, aftershave or something. HAHA!" Anyway, I love it because, well, I love oranges. I hate it because every time I wear it, I end up smelling myself all day, and it induces excessive polyphagia. Hey, I can't help it that my wrist is so OM NOM NOMable!

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Tina aka Your Mommy said...

I think we gave each other such expensive gifts in an attempt to mask how much we all actually hated each other.

I don't need to mask my hatred anymore, Sam. I hate you.