VMed Prom

Nosheen and I have thrown quite a few parties in our day.  But we really saved up for our last official Mulholland Society social event.  We went balls to the wall planning for this year's VMed Prom, and I daresay we outdid ourselves when it came to the food,

the "VMed" wayfarers as party favors,

and the music.

Okay, so we didn't actually DJ the event ourselves.  We hired Matt Steffanina, a local DJ and dance instructor, but he was cool enough to let me play with his turntables before everyone else showed up.  As you can tell, I was channeling Pauly D last night.  In fact, I might start going by the nickname DJ Sammy Z.  Although, let's be real: I could never give myself a blowout every morning before I left the house.  It took Angie and me over 20 minutes and half a container of hair product to get all of my hair to stand up like that.

Well, now that VMed Prom is over, I can finally concentrate on what I'm supposed to be doing: studying for Step 1 rehearsing for next week's VMed Talent Show.  God, I love my life.

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