9. Celebrating a Birthday

Happy birthday, A****! Unfortunately, for adoption purposes, we're not allowed to post pictures of babies at the Door of Hope. She turned one today against doctors' predictions that she would not make it to her first birthday. Born three months premature, she has problems with her heart, lungs (surfactant, anybody?), and liver. Obviously, today called for great celebration.

Several people came to visit the Door of Hope today; there were two journalists who interviewed Russell (what a hotshot), two families came to play with the babies, and a bunch of workers came in to repair the water heater and replace the kitchen counters. The house was busy with activity, and to be honest, it was nice not to be the least knowledgeable person in the house for once.

And now to watch Hotel Rwanda, since I've never seen it before. And where would it be more appropriate to watch it than here in South Africa? Well, in Rwanda, I suppose.

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